Maxi Wine Tour

Maxi Wine Tasting €18 per person Min 2 pers.

Tasting 5 Organical Wines

White Vernaccia 

White Vernaccia Riserva 

Chianti Colli Senesi

Red Toscana IGT

S.Gimignano DOC Vinsanto+Cantuccini 

Extravirgin Olive Oil


Wine Cellar visit,explanation Winemaking processes

  • Tuscany Wine Tour San Gimignano Winery
  • Chianti Vernaccia Winetasting and light lunch
  • Wine tour guided Visit of Wine Cellar

Each tasting includes a brief Wine Tour of the Vineyards, explanations of the main techniques and winemaking process, visit the winery and our Wine Store

Maxi Wine Tour takes about 1 hour 

Duration1 Hour
Participantsminimun 1 persons maximun 50 persons

Spectators free of charge
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Further information

You are Wellcome for a Wine Tour in San Quirico San gimignano Winery!

You can book a guided winetasting every day !

During our scheduled winetasting we make taste to our guests the selection of our best lables and we always include a tour of the winery Cellar, we introduce in English our Winery and main vinification techniques.

Winetasting of a selection of 5 labels, will be reinforced with light lunch composed by cold cuts, cheeses, bruschette with extravergin olive oil.

Guided tastings include an explanation of the main winemaking techniques in English and a visit to the winery and cellar !!

Our company philosophy is to continue to focus on the production of quality wines, to make them known throughout export in all the world, also thanks to wine tastings directly in the winery, where our goal is to involve our clients and let them live an emotional experience, to discover the history, the various stages of processing, the traditional methods of winemaking that bring fruits of vineyards into a glass of wine …

Maxi Wine Tour takes about 1 hour

€18.00 €20.00
Choose your preferred appointment and book.